‚ÄčGlenmont Forest Neighbors Civic Association

Community Clean up day - Judson Road

We have many committees and we will create additional ones at the community's request. Please volunteer to lead or participate in one or more committee. Contact Us if you're interested in volunteering!
Block Captains:    
Serve as a point of contact and source of information for fellow neighbors on your block. Maintain regular contact with the GFNCA executive board and help distribute flyers for meetings and events (on your block). Work on neighbor concerns and issues specific to your block of residence.

Environmental Committee:
Organize and facilitate neighborhood clean-ups and neighborhood beautification projects, and anti-litter and education initiatives. Work on neighbor concerns and issues specific to the neighborhood environment.

Public & Media Relations Committee:    
Help with designing materials for advertising and distribution (e.g. flyers, posters); work with social media and local news outlets to highlight neighborhood events and inform the neighborhood about current events relevant to our neighborhood. Work on neighbor concerns and issues specific to the neighborhood's perception and reputation.

Safety Committee:
Organize and facilitate neighborhood watch walks, inform neighborhood about safety issues and concerns, and education neighbors about resources to enhance safety, health, and reduce fear of crime. Work on neighbor concerns and issues specific to safety.

Social & Yard Sale Committee:    
Build community and reduce anonymity among neighbors; organize annual community yard sale, social events, and develop invitations. Work with public and media relations committee to advertise and spread the word about social events. Also inform neighborhood about social events and activities in and around our neighborhood. Work on neighbor concerns, issues, and ideas related to social activities