Glenmont Forest Neighbors Civic Association

Judson Road - Glenmont Forest

Who We Are

The Glenmont Forest Neighbors Civic Association (GFNCA) is a non-profit organization that was established in the summer of 2009 out of concerns about deteriorating infrastructure; abandoned and neglected homes; increasing amounts of litter, dumping, and graffiti in the neighborhood; depressed and unheard community issues by county leadership; and a rapidly disappearing green canopy.   These concerns blossomed into efforts to improve the overall quality of life in the neighborhood and build a cohesive community to reduce anonymity among neighbors. GFNCA has over 1200 households within its boundaries, and several hundred neighbors on the electronic contact list. The association’s efforts today continue to focus on environmental health, pedestrian and vehicular safety, and community building, in addition to staying abreast of plans to redevelop downtown Wheaton and the greater Glenmont area. ​